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Clevo D400S Compatible Battery

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Product Description

  Battery Specifications:

Condition:New Replacement Battery


  Battery features:


This Clevo D400S Compatible Battery from BatteryProvider.com is rated at 14.8V with a capacity of 4400mAh. This OEM replacement battery is 100% compatible and will meet or exceed original manufacturer's specification. The Clevo D400S Compatible Battery sold by BatteryProvider.com has been tested for safety and designed for high performance.

  • Uses the highest quality graded and sorted cells.
  • Provides excellent discharge characteristics.
  • Utilizes state of the art printed circuit board (PCB) design to provide stable and safe performance.
  • Undergone comprehensive quality testing throughout the manufacturing and assembly process.
  • Includes a 12-month free replacement warranty for manufacturer's defects.

BatteryProvider.com provides premium quality compatible Clevo laptop batteries, manufactured by state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in conformance with quality standards and guidelines applicable to OEM battery packs. Each Clevo laptop battery is tested throughout the production process to match or outperform the original equipments specifications for form, fit and workmanship.


  Replacement for:


QXS-BAT-ION, 87-D408S-495, 87-D408S-4D5, 87-D408S-4E5, BAT-4020, BAT-4094, BAT-8, BAT4020, BAT4094, D400S, BAT-8, D400SBAT-8, BP400S, 87-D480S-4C5


  Compatible With:


Clevo D400 Battery, Clevo D400E Battery, Clevo D400K Battery, Clevo D400H Battery, Clevo D400P Battery, Clevo D400S Battery, Clevo D40EF Battery, Clevo D40EV Battery, Clevo D410 Battery, Clevo D410E Battery, Clevo D410H Battery, Clevo D410S Battery, Clevo D41EF Battery, Clevo D41ES Battery, Clevo D41EV Battery, Clevo D420E Battery, Clevo D420P Battery, Clevo D420S Battery, Clevo D420V Battery, Clevo D42EF Battery, Clevo D42ES Battery, Clevo D42EV Battery, Clevo D430E Battery, Clevo D430F Battery, Clevo D430P Battery, Clevo D430S Battery, Clevo D430V Battery, Clevo D43EF Battery, Clevo D43ES Battery, Clevo D43EV Battery, Clevo D460 Battery, Clevo D470 Battery, Clevo D470K Battery, Clevo D470V Battery, Clevo D470W Battery, Clevo D47EV Battery, Clevo D480V Battery, Clevo D480W Battery, Clevo D48EV Battery, Clevo DeskNote Battery, Clevo D400 Battery, Clevo D400E Battery, Clevo D400H Battery, Clevo D400S Battery, Clevo DeskNote D410 Battery, Clevo DeskNote D410E Battery, Clevo DeskNote D410H Battery, Clevo DeskNote D410S Battery, Clevo PortaNote D400 Battery, Clevo PortaNote D400E Battery, Clevo PortaNote D400H Battery, Clevo PortaNote D400S Battery, Clevo PortaNote D400 Battery, Clevo PortaNote D400E Battery, Clevo PortaNote D400K Battery, Clevo PortaNote D400H Battery, Clevo PortaNote D400P Battery, Clevo PortaNote D400S Battery, Clevo PortaNote D40EF Battery, Clevo PortaNote D40EV Battery, Clevo PortaNote D410 Battery, Clevo PortaNote D410E Battery, Clevo PortaNote D410H Battery, Clevo PortaNote D410S Battery, Clevo PortaNote D41EF Battery, Clevo PortaNote D41ES Battery, Clevo PortaNote D41EV Battery, Clevo PortaNote D420E Battery, Clevo PortaNote D420P Battery, Clevo PortaNote D420S Battery, Clevo PortaNote D420V Battery, Clevo PortaNote D42EF Battery, Clevo PortaNote D42ES Battery, Clevo PortaNote D42EV Battery, Clevo PortaNote D430E Battery, Clevo PortaNote D430F Battery, Clevo PortaNote D430P Battery, Clevo PortaNote D430S Battery, Clevo PortaNote D430V Battery, Clevo PortaNote D43EF Battery, Clevo PortaNote D43ES Battery, Clevo PortaNote D43EV Battery, Clevo PortaNote D460 Battery, Clevo PortaNote D470 Battery, Clevo PortaNote D470K Battery, Clevo PortaNote D470V Battery, Clevo PortaNote D470W Battery, Clevo PortaNote D47EV Battery, Clevo PortaNote D480V Battery, Clevo PortaNote D480W Battery, Clevo PortaNote D48EV Battery, AJP D400 Battery, AJP D400E Battery, AJP D410 Battery, AJP D410E Battery, AJP D480S 4C5 Battery, ArmNote D470W BLUEDISK Battery, Artworker D470K Battery, Artworker D470V Battery, Artworker DK7 Battery, Artworker DK7-3000+ Battery, Artworker DV4 Battery, Artworker DV4-306T Battery, Artworker DW7 Battery, Artworker DW7-306T Battery, BolData D470K Battery, BolData D470W Battery, BolData D47EV Battery, ChemBook 3300 Battery, Mobilitas M7-470V Battery, Mobilitas M7-470V WX Battery, Mobilitas M7-470W Battery, Mobilitas M7-470W WX Clevo Battery, Ethane 470S Battery, Ethane 470V Battery, Ethane D410S Battery, Ethane D470W EUROCOM Battery, Ethane D400E Battery, Ethane D400S Battery, Ethane D410S Series Battery, Ethane D470S Battery, Ethane D470W Series Battery, FOSA D400S Battery, FOSA D470W GVS COMPUTERS Battery, FOSA D410 GVS COMPUTERS Battery, FOSA D410S GVS COMPUTERS Battery, FOSA D470W HUNDYX Battery, FOSA HN D400E Battery, FOSA HN D400S Battery, FOSA HN D470W HYPERDATA Battery, FOSA 4700 Battery, FOSA D470W Battery, HYUNDAI M-Life D400E Battery, HYUNDAI D400S Battery, HYUNDAI M-Life D470W IPC Battery, HYUNDAI Mnote 410S Battery, HYUNDAI MultiNote D410S IRIDIUM Battery, HYUNDAI Starbook 860 Battery, HYUNDAI Starbook S860 ISSAM Battery, HYUNDAI SmartBook i-400 Battery, HYUNDAI SmartBook i-410s Battery, HYUNDAI SmartBook i-D400 Battery, HYUNDAI SmartBook i-D410s LEO Battery, DesigNote D400S LION Battery, DesigNote D470V Battery, DesigNote D470W Battery, Sarasota D470V LITTLEBIT Battery, Maori 320 Battery, Maori D31 Battery, Maori P71 Battery, MEDION D400S Battery, MEDION MD95074 Battery, FlexNote D470W Battery, MICROPRO D400S MTECH Battery, MICROPRO D400S Battery, MICROPRO D470W Battery, ORDI Nexus D410 Battery, PARS Xcite D410S Battery, PEARL D400 Series Battery, PIONEER Power D470 Battery, PIONEER Power D470V Battery, PIONEER Power D470W Battery, Silver D410S Battery, Soho D400E Battery, Soho D400F Battery, Soho D400P Battery, Soho D400S Battery, Soho D400V Battery, POINTER SYSTEMS D400K Battery, POINTER SYSTEMS D410J Battery, PrismaBook D400P Battery, PrismaBook D400S Battery, PROMEDION D400E Battery, PROMEDION D400F Battery, PROMEDION D400S Battery, PROMEDION D410E Battery, PROMEDION D410S Battery, PROMEDION D470W Battery, PROSTAR 4014 Battery, PROSTAR 4074 Battery, PROSTAR 4094 Battery, PROSTAR 4794 Battery, PROSTAR D400E Battery, PROSTAR D400S Battery, PROSTAR D410S Battery, PROSTAR D470W ROVERBOOK Battery, Explorer D790 (D470W) Battery, Explorer D795 (D480V) Battery, Explorer E570 (D400E) Battery, SACANote D470 SAGER Battery, SACANote 4020 Battery, SACANote 4060 Battery, SACANote 4080 Battery, SACANote 4320 Battery, SACANote 4321 Battery, SACANote 4750 Battery, SACANote 4760 Battery, SACANote 4780 Battery, SACANote 4790 Battery, SACANote 4791 Battery, SACANote D400E Battery, SACANote D400S Battery, SACANote D400V Battery, SACANote D40EF Battery, SACANote D40EV Battery, SACANote D470K Battery, SACANote D470V Battery, SACANote D470W Battery, SACANote D47EV Battery, SACANote NP4020 Battery, SACANote NP4060 Battery, SACANote NP4080 Battery, SACANote NP4320 Battery, SACANote NP4321 Battery, SACANote NP4380 Battery, SACANote NP4381 Battery, SACANote NP4750 Battery, SACANote NP4760 Battery, SACANote NP4780 Battery, SACANote NP4790 Battery, SACANote NP4791 Battery, SEANIX SeaNote D400 Battery, SmartBook i-D400S Battery, SmartBook i-D410S Battery, SmartBook i-D470W Battery, STAMP All-in-one D470W Battery, StarNote D470W Battery, TopNote D470W Battery, StarNote TRONIC 5 Battery, StarNote D47V (D470V) Battery, StarNote D47W (D470W) Battery, StarNote P47V (D470V) 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Clevo D400S Compatible Battery

Important: We carry only Grade "A" cell battery, for a superior quality and performance.

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